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Hey hey hi,

It’s me Karen, fellow foodie enthusiast!  

If you are interested in the local foodie scene, wine pairing dinners, and events featuring local chefs with local ingredients, then you’re definitely in the right place.  

Every period - 2 months I squeeze my sources and scour the internet to compile the absolute best list of upcoming foodie events, and I send them all to my subscribed community of like-minded foodies.  

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BIG LOVE!! Karen

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Hey there! I’m Karen. FOOD & LIFE STYLE BLOGGER

I’ve worked with food producers near and far — from our own backyard of Vancouver, BC to jumping on a plane and exploring other cultures. You’ll find me talking and connecting with local food producers, servers, chefs and farmers market vendors, that’s where my heart is. This foodie event calendar is sourced from my inside contacts, that’s right, you get insider knowledge and I’ve scoured the internet to compile the absolute best to save you time.